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Welcome to Malus Coffee Bean Co., where passion for music and a love for the vibrant lifestyle converge with the rich flavors of our exotic and gourmet coffee blends.

Club Malus founded in the heart of the Fernando Valley, California, we are an extension of the creative spirit that gave birth to Malus Records, Inc., a groundbreaking record label established in Las Vegas. Our journey began with a vision to revive the iconic record store experience of the '50s, '60s, and '70s, fostering a community united by a shared love for music. As Malus Records expanded its footprint in the entertainment industry, we ventured into diverse avenues, from Malus & Diesel Corp for transport to the establishment of Malus Entertainment Group in Wyoming. With the evolution of our online presence, Malus launched The Conspiracy Club, now known as Club Malus, A LifeStyle Society!TM, offering a platform for artists, writers, and musicians to thrive. Our Music Entertainment Portal encompasses artist management, an online music store, a fansite/club, professional marketing, and digital distribution services. In 2023, we're set to redefine the entertainment business through innovative management and consulting services. Enter our latest venture, Malus Coffee Bean Co., where our meticulously crafted coffee blends mirror the diversity and richness of our creative pursuits. Indulge in our African blend, a medium-dark Kahawa featuring coffees from Burundi to Tanzania. Traverse the Asian Plateau with a medium roast blending beans from Laos to Sumatra. Experience Swiss Decaf, a chemical-free delight featuring Colombian, Brazilian, and Ethiopian origins. Embrace the gentle notes of our Breakfast Blend, the boldness of French Roast, and the unique allure of Cold Brew. Delight in the harmony of our Half-Caff, a 50/50 blend of Swiss Decaf and caffeinated coffee. Savor the popular House Blend, the richness of Latin, and the intensity of Italian Roast. At Malus Coffee Bean Co., we've woven the essence of our music and entertainment legacy into each cup. Join us on this journey, where every sip resonates with the spirit of creativity, community, and the timeless love for good music and great coffee.